You can play games based on Xbox language support

For some people it is very important for a video game to support their language. Microsoft has also taken an important step in this direction and introduced game filtering according to language support to the interface of Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass systems, which can be accessed from Xbox consoles. The system currently supports 27 different languages ​​and not all games in the console’s library have language tags. For now, Microsoft has added a language tag to the games it deems most important , but it is announced that these tags will increase in the future. Using these language tags, players can search for games in their own language. However, currently we do not know if there is Turkish among these labels.

Xbox continues to detail game discovery

Currently, when searching for a game on your Xbox consoles, we can see reviews for that game, how many of your friends are playing the same game, whether it has next-generation support, whether it has an add-on package, whether it supports technologies such as Smart Delivery, its type, and finally, the languages ​​it supports. Thanks to its filtering feature, we can highlight the games in the language we want. However, as we said, we do not know if there is Turkish in this filter; We do not own an Xbox console yet, and this feature is currently not available in the mobile app or in the web browser store.

However, when the Microsoft side announced this feature, it may have also secretly revealed an important upcoming update at the same time. The language filtering feature is detailed with the image you can see right above, and this image contains very important information. If you take a closer look at the Batman: Arkham Knight game, maybe you can see it. If you still haven’t seen it, let’s say: According to this published image, a new generation update is being prepared for Batman: Arkham Knight . For now, there is no official statement about such an update. Therefore, there may be a visual error, but players are already excited for such an update.

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