Xbox Live Gold

This morning we had a news report. According to this news, there would be a hike for Xbox Live Gold and the 6-month subscription would be $ 60. On the evening of the same day, Microsoft and Xbox made the official announcement and confirmed the price increase. According to the company, a 1-month subscription will be $ 11 from now on. The 3-month subscription will be sold for $ 30. Finally, the 6-month subscription will be set at $ 60, as in leaks. Of course these prices, which can vary in local markets but did not receive any official statement yet by the Xbox Turkey. However, I recommend that you renew your subscriptions without any price hikes.

What does that mean for Xbox Live Gold?

According to the statements made by Microsoft, players who are currently actively using a 6-month or 1-year Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to renew at the current price when they want to renew this subscription. In addition, players will be able to shift these subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. However, the subscription period you can transfer to the other party at this point will be limited to 36 months. So, if you already subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold system for 40 months, if you switch to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you will only be able to use 36 months of it. Apart from that, nothing else will happen.

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