A car drives past rows of trees on a quiet road until it finally sees a town with long-abandoned factories stretching to the horizon. The images are accompanied by a gloomy song by folk artist Sean Rowe. Welcome to Basswood, West Virginia.

Twin Mirror does not have new generation graphics. However, the entrance scene really impressed me. Just minutes before reaching his destination, hero Sam Higgs gets out of his car. He glances at Basswood. The rays of the setting sun look beautiful to the eye. But then Sam opens his mouth and all that beauty disappears.

The grizzly journalist who returns to their country house and falls into a dark mystery is a familiar theme in thrillers and novels. Twin Mirror: The psychological mystery is divided into equal parts as a thriller and a narrative adventure

An engaging interactive commentary on the genre. Playing as investigative reporter Sam Higgs, you return to Basswood, West Virginia, where you might not be very popular with the locals. In the end, you have to solve the secrets of the town. In addition to finding and analyzing clues, you also control how Sam interacts with other people through a range of dialogue options.

A Psychological Thriller Narrative from the Producers of Life Is Strange and Tell Me Why

These narrative sequences were the prominent parts of the game. It is not surprising that Twin Mirror comes from French studio Dontnod Entertainment, which brought us adventures called Life Is Strange and Tell Me Why. During the game’s tight eight-hour gameplay, some of these options really make you nervous. But the relentless pace is linked to the dark psychological tone it aims for, and while it loses some of the haste, the story in general manages to tie together well.

The detective element of the game can significantly slow the pace of the game, especially if you are not that good. When searching for clues, you need to be extremely precise. Usually hovering over an item does not allow you to select it. You have to go back and try again, this time you can interact. Before starting to come up with a theory, Sam needs all the information he has.

Early in the game, you should envision the event in your mind by examining the various clues. Blood spatter, broken glass, etc. You should evaluate the elements such as. Somewhere in the game I got stuck. It didn’t take me long to figure it out, but I couldn’t move forward and the game lost its immersion. Eventually, I discovered I had to interact with a hat on the other side of the room, just for Sam to examine it and say, “This is probably not related to the fight,” and then I immediately started recreating the scene using clues. The game has absolutely no tutorial or mercy. Sam talks to himself and won’t give you a clue.

The Game Is Not A Detective Simulation

It is worth remembering that the Twin Mirror is not a detective simulation. A narrative game with some determinations. While the detective mechanics are frustrating, the narrative itself suppresses it and you endure the little nervous breakdowns that come with clue detection.

While nothing is as bold as Life Is Strange 2’s saddest depictions of racism, it is bolder in the Twin Mirror themes than many other games were prepared. Presents a story with many bad guys. However, there are no real heroes in the game. If you are familiar with Dontnod’s work, you will find a lot of consistency in their approach and a few departures. Some work, some do not. The use of a mature hero has been the most obvious move away from Dontnod’s typical troubled teens.

Sam’s world fatigue has become crucial to the story. He is not well liked and you are often asked to take upsetting deeds. However, it fits well with the moral universe of the game. Meanwhile, Joan, the youngest character in the game, is the most charming, but is often outcast.

Entering Sam’s Mind Palace, where time freezes and can gather clues that are hard to find, is the most interesting mechanic of the game. It adds a distinct Sherlock Holmes feel to this feature, with both crazy and sharp solutions. It would be much more interesting and perhaps more front-seat than scanning fields for little evidence.

Imaginary Friends Named Her or The Double

Sam also has an imaginary friend who is similar to him, referred to simply as Him or The Double. This Tyler Durden style creation was originally pictured as a harmless narrative medium rather than any mental illness. It served as a way for Sam to express his thoughts. Most of the time, Sam doesn’t really talk when talking to The Double. But sometimes it looks like that and other characters react to Sam’s erratic behavior. This was never revealed in the game, it’s not as effective in showing Sam’s inner workings as well as the Mind Palace, and it doesn’t add much to the story.

The game becomes risky from time to time. Some stories are not detailed and stay in the air. Also, Sam is (on purpose) very cheesy. However, Twin Mirror has a strong story and puts you in direct control of where it takes you. Twin Mirror has a nice plot for you if you play games of this genre for its solid storyline. But as I mentioned above, some mechanics can tire you very much. It can take quite a break from the game.


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