We last saw a new Killzone game at the release of the PlayStation 4 console. So, it’s been 7-8 years since that game was released. Since then, we’ve heard rumors of a new game from time to time, but Guerrilla Games was working on Horizon: Zero Dawn. After that, the work on the sequel has already started. Now Guerrilla Games has made an official statement and officially closed the website of the mentioned brand. When you visit the side, you will now see a notice stating that the platform is closed and everyone will be redirected to

Is an end coming for Killzone?

According to the statements made by Guerrilla Games, players will be able to continue to play the multiplayer content of the last two games of the series. That is, the servers will not be shut down, but since the website is closed, it will no longer be possible to manage clans in the games. Obviously, after such a step, if the servers of the games mentioned in 2022, etc., are also completely shut down, at least I will not be surprised. The players reacted with surprise to this situation. Meanwhile, some players have also stated that they want to see a new game for Killzone after Horizon: Forbidden West.

The game game of the Killzone series had both very good aspects and managed to annoy the players with very bad aspects. The Horizon series, launched after that, has achieved much greater success; He even made the character of Aloy one of the most familiar faces of the PlayStation brand. For this reason, it should not be surprising if Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to continue with Horizon instead of this series that was planned as a rival for Halo at the time. However, not many FPS type games are developed under the roof of PlayStation Studios. Guerrilla Games could have made a nice difference to their game catalog.

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