It is pleasing to encounter video games that I do not come across often. The production called The Falconeer is one of them. In this game where we control a falcon, we rule the sky in a world surrounded by seas. With its interesting overall game structure, this production has many other surprising aspects. One of the surprising things I mentioned is that the game The Falconeer was developed by only one person apart from the voices. Let me tell you that this person is a video game developer named Tomas Sala, and what kind of structure we encounter with you in a little more detail.

As I mentioned above, we control a hawk with The Falconeer, but this hawk has a driver. When starting the game we are given the chance to choose this driver and our hawk. Again, as I mentioned, this production takes place in an open world surrounded by seas and dominated by waters. While every part of our world is occupied by the waters, structures are positioned on the rocks that can remain above the seas. To put it differently, most of our playground consists of the sea and the islets scattered throughout this sea.

With The Falconeer, we are generally given three types of tasks. These duties; I can classify it as attack, defense and distribution. I have also encountered missions where we had to accompany and protect some units, although there were not many. Here we take these types of tasks and try to complete them. After the missions we complete, we can win various awards. However, I can hardly tell you that the rewards we earn are proportional to the difficulty of the missions. In some main missions I did not pay for my long efforts, and in some side missions I won higher rewards in a short time.

What are the mechanics we experience with The Falconeer?

Although we manage a hawk, the flight mechanics of The Falconeer game are similar to the games in which we drive historical warplanes. In this game while cruising; We can rise and fall, we can turn around ourselves, we can make branches, we can move in various directions. To put it differently, whatever we can do in a non-simulation airplane game, we can do these movements with our hawk.

I experienced the PC version of this game using a controller and if you can, I suggest you use a controller too. You can have a very good flight experience through the controller. Even though our missions in The Falconeer game have different purposes, we often use combat mechanics. In terms of war mechanics, dynamics similar to those in which we used to fly planes in ancient times welcome us. In this game, the R2 button of the PlayStation 4 controller is fired.

The area we need to shoot is shown as well as we have the opportunity to focus on our targets. We can see that wherever we shoot for a flying enemy, we will hit. To be honest, we are also faced with war mechanics that are not inferior to a plane war game. Of course, in this production, instead of planes, the fight of flying creatures is the subject.

There are some gaps in terms of content and story

Although the plot and setting are interesting, I could not observe that The Falconeer game tells a consistent story. The story is presented in a fragmented form according to the episodes and the people who gave the task. On top of that, I think it might cause some confusion because the story is not told in a clear language. Although the story of the game and the characters gets more into us as the chapters progress, I cannot say that I have seen the presentation I expect in this area. Nevertheless, there is a structure that affects people in order to discover secrets, to learn the answers and details of the questions such as how the world has become like this.

There is also a development system in The Falconeer game. In this system, we can buy some elements that we can improve our hawk with, with in-game money and various rewards we receive in return for the missions we have accomplished. Among these elements; There are new weapons, armor, various visual elements and enhancing agents called mutagens. However, as I mentioned above, there is a discrepancy in making the money we earn to buy these items. We don’t always get the right amount for the challenge of the task. As a result of our failures in the game, it can be annoying to repeat the episodes and not provide enough earnings in return.

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