Surviving Mars and Metro are free

Free games, each more beautiful than the other, continue to be given every week on the PC side. This time, two very important video games are available for free, both on the Epic Games Store and on Steam. The first of these games is Surviving Mars. This game , available for free on the Epic Games Store , is essentially a city / colony building game. If you have played Cities: Skylines before , we can say that it takes place on Mars for Surviving Mars. This game, which is a very high quality work, is a great product for those who love building and managing cities. It is a city / colonial building set in space, which is also my favorite.

Surviving Mars and Metro 2033 enrich players’ libraries

Metro 2033 game is completely free on Steam . Metro 2033, one of the popular games of the very popular Metro series, leaves us in the heart of both action and fear. This free version of the game will last until March 15, 2021, and if you add the game to your library until that date, the game will be yours forever. So, after March 15, 2021, there will be no such thing as deleting the game from your library. Surviving Mars on the Epic Games Store will be free until March 18, 2021. After the free build of that game is over, the next game will be The Fall.

The Fall will be free on the Epic Games Store from March 18, 2021 to March 25, 2021. In the video game The Fall, you are integrated with a war armor, which is activated after landing on an alien planet. Actually, in this game where we are an artificial intelligence, we need to protect the human who is in the war armor and needs first aid. Next week we will see how well we can protect this person. Well, what do you think about these free games? What games will you add to your library? We will be waiting for your comments.

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