One of the most important announcements of the Ubisoft E3 conference was Skull & Bones, whose name we have never heard before. We did not expect to encounter a new piracy game after Sea of ​​Thieves at the Microsoft conference, it was a nice surprise for us. As usual, Ubisoft is releasing new information and screenshots about the games in which the promotional trailers are shown after the E3 conference is over, and we wanted to share with you the information we learned about Skull & Bones. Skull & Bones, developed by Ubisoft Singapore, is a multiplayer piracy game set in the open world. Players will be able to create their own pirate captains and sail into the Indian Ocean and loot ships trying to trade there. In the game, we will be able to act alone or as a group (even betray the captains we approach as friends) and try to instill fear in the seas. After successfully completing the loot, our wealth and reputation will increase, and other players around the world will start to covet our throne.

Skull & Bones details

If you remember, Ubisoft Singapore also had a hand in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and it seems like they came out with a new game, further improving the sea mechanics experience they gained in that game. For example, there will be a realistic wind system in the game, so we will be able to move faster in the sea by taking the wind behind us, and even make our balls hit a longer distance. Thanks to the game’s advanced customization options, we will be able to build our own fleet of ships and modify these ships in abundance. One of the most curious things about the game was whether it would have a one-man story. Ubisoft says that the storytelling of the game, which will include both PvE and PvP modes, will be absorbed into the game, but it will be a story that is included in the multiplayer experience. While we are playing alone, we will encounter iconic characters and pirates that will be engraved in our memory. In this respect, the game will look like classic DVOs, so we will witness the same story when we are alone or playing multiplayer. We saw Kraken in the trailer of the game, Ubisoft said that many pirates were afraid of the mysterious dangers under the dark waters of the sea and believed in the existence of these creatures. Since Skull & Bones says they want to give their players similar feelings, it means that we will encounter sea monsters in the game.

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