A very important report came out recently. According to this report, Discord contacted companies such as Microsoft, Epic Games and Amazon to sell itself. Of these companies, only Microsoft returned with a $ 10 billion offer. According to the continuation of the report, Discord could have opened the company to the public instead of selling it, but now, according to another report published by the Wall Street Journal, there will be a real purchase and Microsoft will get this service for $ 10 billion. In fact, according to the continuation of the report, this purchase agreement will end in April 2021.

Microsoft may be asking for more Xbox Discord service

According to the report published by the Wall Street Journal platform, Microsoft will pay a little more than $ 10 billion for Discord. If an agreement is reached for both parties without any problems, the transaction will be completed in April 2021. Meanwhile, according to a separate report by the Bloomberg side, these deals include Phil Spencer of the Xbox brand. So, this means that Microsoft might want to buy this service directly for the Xbox side. The company already owns the Skype service, which already has hundreds of millions of users. Discord can also be the best add-on for Xbox as it is preferred by more gamers.

If such a purchase is made, Discord service can be brought for the Xbox system on Windows 10 and directly to the Xbox consoles. Since many players are already using this service, especially voice communication can suddenly level up. The company may also include the Discord Nitro service in Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. Of course, players who expect the same service for PlayStation consoles will gradually lose their hope. Sony Interactive Entertainment may not want to introduce a Microsoft-acquired system into their console world.

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