PlayStation VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation announced a new PlayStation VR device a few weeks ago. This device would be a completely new generation and would be released after 2021 for PlayStation 5. Now, with a new article published on the PlayStation Blog , the new generation controllers of the aforementioned device have been shown. Also, some of the technologies of these controllers were mentioned. If we look at the explanations, all technologies supported by DualSense will also be found in this new controller. In this way, the players will be able to feel the game they are playing in their hands in the best way.

PlayStation VR goes one step further

The new generation controllers, which you can see from above, have a unique design. Thanks to this round-shaped design, the controllers can be easily held in hand and there is no restriction on freedom. In addition, these controllers will also feature Adaptive Trigger on the right and left. In other words, the L2 and R2 keys, which can react on the DualSense controller, will take place in the new controller prepared for PlayStation VR. Likewise, Haptic Feedback will be supported. The controller will also be able to provide a touch pad for fingertips, and conventionally analog fields and other buttons will be located on the controller.

Before finishing our news, we would like to state that a highly anticipated feature has also been added to the Internet browser-based PlayStation Store platform. This feature is of course the wish list included in the PlayStation 5 consoles. Now, players can access their wish lists on their internet browsers and edit that list; It can add new games or remove games. This wish list appears as a small heart mark on the side of the buy buttons. Thus, you can follow the games you want to buy separately.


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