PlayStation 5 releases update for God of War

The update that players have been waiting for for a very long time is coming true, and there is special support for the PlayStation 5 console for God of War. According to the statement made by the developer team of the game, this support will come as an update and will be offered free of charge to everyone who owns the game. After this update, players who want to play God of War on the PlayStation 5 console will face a resolution / performance such as 4K / 60 FPS. However, the 4K resolution here will not be natural, as in the PlayStation 4 Pro console, an artificial technology we call Checkerboard will be used.

There will be only one option for God of War

The PlayStation 4 Pro version of God of War game had several different performance, graphics and resolution options. Here, after the said update arrives, these options will be replaced by a single item. As we said, it will run the game in 4K / 60 FPS. However, if players want to try out the old mods, they will be able to do so. When you activate the Original Performance Experience feature from the game’s settings, you will be able to activate the options on the PlayStation 4 Pro console, but while there is a special support for PlayStation 5, the options in the old generation will not be necessary.

God of War thus appears as one of the games updated for PlayStation 5. However, this is not the only work that is the target of the actors. Just like this game, players want to see the next generation update for The Last of Us Part II and Bloodborne. We do not know what can be done for The Last of Us Part II, but Bloodborne deserves a 60 FPS support. The Last of Us Part II may not reach 60 FPS values ​​in the new generation. Well, what do you think about all these issues? We will be waiting for your comments with great curiosity.

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