NVIDIA GeForce NOW, which has been put into service in our country, has been discussed a lot with its price. While people abroad paid only 5 Dollars for this service, 70 Turkish Liras was paid in our country. Now, NVIDIA has also brought an update to the original prices and changed the monthly subscription prices to $ 10 . However, this new pricing will only cover the new subscribers of the system. If you have subscribed to this system from the Founder level in the past, you will be able to continue to pay $ 5 per month for a monthly subscription thanks to the Founders for Life program. In addition, if you wish, it is possible to purchase a yearly subscription by paying $ 100.

How many million people have NVIDIA GeForce NOW used?

NVIDIA also announced the number of users of the NVIDIA GeForce NOW system. This system, which is almost its first year of age, has been tested by 10 million players , the company says . In addition, some future plans of this system were also mentioned. For example, the NVIDIA side will try to support many games from the release day; New games will be added to the library, which contains more than 800 games; that more regions around the world will be supported by opening new data centers; He stated that data centers that are currently open will be developed and optimization studies will be carried out.

Apart from all these, it was also mentioned that there will be important updates to the system in the next few months. For example, it was mentioned that a proprietary V-Sync technology used on the server side will be updated and also significant changes to the preloading features of the games . Finally, it was mentioned that this system will open its doors with new partners in Saudi Arabia and Australia in the coming periods. So, as a third party in Turkey, the company will enter into a circuit, and in that way this system will be distributed service to new countries sir.

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