Fantasy VII Remake

A new additional package and a new generation version is currently being prepared for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is very popular with the players. However, thanks to the new statements made by the director of this play , we have learned that the support for the aforementioned work will be limited with this; he wants to focus directly on the second part of the same game. This means that after the game’s additional package and new generation support, the team will focus entirely on the second episode, and maybe in the next 1-2 years we will be able to see this artwork on our PlayStation consoles. Meanwhile, do not think that active enhancements are a stumbling block to the studio.

According to the same director, developing the PlayStation 5 version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake game is a lesson for them in adapting the game to the new generation . This way, the team will be able to be more comfortable and knowledgeable while developing the second episode for PlayStation 5. Meanwhile, this is not the only game our director should be interested in. As you know, he resigned directly from the director of this game and took over the Final Fantasy VII games in general, in a creative position. So, the director actually talked about other versions of the same game; especially the new, mobile Battle Royale game was mentioned.

Many more projects are on the way for Final Fantasy VII

Maybe you remember, a few weeks ago mobile games were announced for Final Fantasy VII. One of these games was Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. This game, which will be released for iOS and Android, will be a Battle Royale artwork, and now we have learned some important details of this game thanks to the same director. According to him, this type of mobile games are made for the series to reach more players, new players . Therefore, there will actually be some systems belonging to the Final Fantasy brand in the game. In this way, the game will stand out from other Battle Royale games. So what will these systems be?

According to the director, the first system that can attract actors’ attention will be roles. Each player will be able to choose their own role before landing on the battlefield. It will offer different roles, unique abilities and more to the player. Also, playing the same role constantly will give the actors an advantage after a while. For now, what this means has not been revealed, but it is likely that players will be able to level up in their roles so that new power-ups will be unlocked. In addition, it was stated that the visuality will be discussed in this video game . Of course, there is Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Let’s talk a little bit about that game.

The second mobile game to be released for the aforementioned game series is called Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. This game, which is prepared to be a single player work, will consist of sections and all sections will be offered to players free of charge. In return, there will be a Gacha system over weapons . So, players will have the chance to get stronger and rarer weapons through micropayments. Finally, this mobile game will include some content that was not even in the original game, but what these are already has not been announced. However, the Gacha genre will steer many people away from this game.

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