Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade has announced new content for the game’s Scourge of Winter season, coming in February 2021. After a long war in the icy northern land of Ostaria, the day of reckoning is finally coming to break the defenses of the malicious invading Sacreds! The Winter Whip, the dark leader of the Sacred, will rise from the shadows in a brand new PvE mode, coming February 8, 2021; He will fight one final battle to end all Warlord resistance. If the Warlords are hoping to strike a final blow and truly save the North from the tyranny and horror of these bandits, they must be one with the armies of Turul Város!

Very important battles will take place in Conqueror’s Blade game

Fortunately for Ostaria’s weary warlords, the last stronghold of hope has not fallen in this cold and brutal war. The Royal Nativity Tavern provides a tranquil refuge for both rest and reunion; This makes it perfect for finding comrades in arms for the upcoming event, or taking a mission or two between goblets and tales of bragging warriors. To remind the warriors what they were fighting for, he released a new video highlighting the importance of this cozy inn today, which you can watch from above. The Winter Whip awaits in the belly of a gloomy valley, armed with a long-handled ax and fed with hatred burning behind black armor. Such a bad warrior does not fight fair.

The war is fraught with difficulties and dangers, including the cavalry mobs of the Sacred, who will come to the aid of their masters throughout the struggle. As Blood Arkhon and Ice Arkhon will heed the call for war, the Warriors will have to fight two of the Winter Whip’s most cruel and cunning lieutenants. The triple threat of the Arkhons and their captains should not be taken lightly; players must keep them away from the Winter Whip and try to stop them before their troops become too difficult. I

n addition, a new video has been released that offers weary warlords an intimate look at Ostaria’s most comfortable sanctuary, the Royal Nativity Tavern. In the heart of a brutal winter, the Royal Nativity Tavern in Turul Város offers shelter, roaring fires, hearty drinks and a quest or two for clever adventurers. Traveling guides love this winter paradise; Full of flamboyant music, warm hospitality, tasty drinks and all the right needs for a warlord’s adventure.

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