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Naughty Dog, who recently appeared in The Last of Us Part II, is probably developing video games at the moment. At least one project of the company is known, and it has been previously stated that this is a multiplayer-based game set in the universe of The Last of Us brand. However, this does not mean that the company is working in one piece, on one project. Naughty Dog may be split in two, and the second team may be working on the company’s next main game. This game may also be fantasy-themed according to the new concept designs that have emerged. If you wish, you can see all of these concept designs throughout our news.

Could it come up with Naughty Dog, dragons and more?

Hyoung Nam, who worked as a senior concept design artist for Naughty Dog, shared new designs through his profile on ArtStation. These designs were presented as an album and the name of the album was the Women of North. So, in Turkish, we can call the Woman of the North. In the album’s release, “It was inspired by a new game. You know what I’m talking about. ” was writing. Of course, this statement does not reveal anything, but Hyoung Nam created an important wave in the video game world with his post. Now everyone thinks that the company’s upcoming game might have a fantasy theme.

It is not clearly stated in the released album, but when we look at the addresses of the images, we can actually see their names. For example, the concept design we showed at the beginning of our news is called Dragonslayer. In the design, we can see the person who has already killed a dragon. It is probably the Dragonslayer. The name of the image, which you can see from above, looks like a tribal. Probably we see one of the women belonging to the tribe in an imaginary world. The name of the image just below is mentioned as a sorcerer and the Woman of the North, who is also a sorcerer, appears.

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