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With a surprise statement made by Lucasfilm, we learned that every video games of the company will now be collected under the name Lucasfilm Games. This brand, which has appeared in the past, seems to be re-created by the company. From now on, players will be able to follow developments about many related video games such as Star Wars through Lucasfilm Games and we will start seeing the logo of this brand again in games. However, the fact that such a brand is now re-established may indicate something very important; The bells may have started ringing for EA.

Will Star Wars brand be licensed from EA company?

Lucasfilm Games was involved in developing games on Star Wars and more brands until 2013. However, in the aforementioned year, Disney had taken a very important decision, shutting down the mentioned brand, canceling all projects and firing the employees. However, it was intended to develop new games belonging to the brands, and again in 2013, the license rights of the Star Wars brand were given to EA. In this way, EA would be able to develop games belonging to the mentioned brand. Now, the resurgence of the Lucasfilm Games side may indicate that the Disney company wants to take the strings back.

We are aware of the issues that have occurred between EA and Disney in the past due to game quality. At the same time, it is already known that the licenses of the brand will expire for EA in 2023. The Disney side may also have brought the Lucasfilm Games side back to prepare for the termination of this agreement. However, it is difficult to comment on the subject right now. We will probably find out what will happen to the EA company in 2022. If that does not happen, everything will have come about naturally in 2023. Let’s see, how will we see Star Wars games by EA by then?

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