The Sims 4

Three different types of content have been offered for The Sims 4 so far. These were referred to as expansion packs, game packs, and content packs. As you can guess from their names, the expansion packs offered quite large content. Game packs were more than the previous content type. Content packs, on the other hand, offered smaller content to players, usually in the form of clothing and household items. Now, the content types named Kit, which EA company had tried in the past in micropayment style, are also back . 3 different Kits have been released for The Sims 4 and theyare all sold for $ 5.

Brand new content in micropayment style is on the way for The Sims 4

The first Kit to be presented to the players was the Throwback Fit Kit. This package includes mostly retro-themed outfits. Another Kit is called Country Kitchen Kit. Likewise, these household items, like the clothes, have a retro theme. They’re like two halves of a supplement package . The last Kit for now is more unique and has the name Bust the Dust Kit. There are powders in this content pack. Yes, after purchasing this content, homes can get dirty and you need to clean up too. In this way, it is possible to open new feelings, emotions, reinforcements and so on for your character.

EA and Maxis have not yet announced how often they will release these Kit content, but our guess is that there will be a new Kit every month. Since the content packages are quite cheap, we feel like a new package can be produced every month . Of course, the developer team can also combine this content type with other packages, but it is difficult to comment because there is no clear explanation for now. Well, what do you think about these contents? Do you think EA and Maxis bring micropayments back to The Sims series? You can leave your comments on the subject right below, sir.

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