Kinetic Edge is quite simple to play

Kinetic Edge – As long as I can remember, there are games on the market that we try to control the ball on a platform. In fact, just last year, NVIDIA even prepared a technology demo of the type I mentioned for real-time ray tracing and next generation graphics cards. Now another artwork of the same genre has appeared on Steam. Developed by SCT, this game is a puzzle-racing game based on physics. Actually, this game aims for a multi-player based experience like many other works of today, but if you want, you can play the game alone. However, this isn’t much fun. I need friends.

Kinetic Edge, where you get bored while playing alone, have fun playing with your friends and become competitive when playing with strangers; The version I played had 5 different game modes. These mods, I think, will remain valid throughout the game’s early access process, and the developers will add new mods to the game with the full version. In the meantime, the full version of the game will also appear in early February 2021, if I am not mistaken. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the game modes that I can try now. I wonder what can we do in this game?

Kinetic Edge; It offers game modes named Race, Arena, Maze, Golf and Gauntlet. All game modes can be played alone, with friends or strangers. As you can guess in the game mode called Race, you compete with other players in different levels. The person who finishes the course first wins the competition. In the Arena mode, everyone gathers on a small platform and collects points by staying in the middle. The person who collects the most points can be beaten. Level effects and other players can push you away. So trying to stay in the middle can be challenging at times. While these two game modes are a bit standard, things get better over time.

My favorite mod in Kinetic Edge game is Maze. For now, there are completely randomly generated labyrinths of 10 × 10, 20 × 20 and 50 × 50 sizes in the game. The player who finishes these color-coded mazes first wins the mode. The reason I like this mode is that it is both like racing and we feel the need to use our little brain power. Another game mode, Golf, gives you that classic golf experience. Gauntlet is a game mode where everything gets the hardest. He’s still racing style but the difficulty is at the maximum, there are no checkpoints and everyone has one life. Gauntlet is also one of my favorite mods.

Kinetic Edge is quite simple to play

As I said before, we control a ball in Kinetic Edge game. This control works very simply with the arrow keys. However, since the game is physics-based, environmental elements can make it difficult to move. For example, climbing a bumpy ramp may not be as easy as you think. However, in order to confuse things a bit, the developer team seems to have added some additional features to the game. For example, we can control this ball with the arrow keys, but there are also Dash, Jump and Blast features. Thanks to Dash, we can move forward quickly.

Jump makes us jump and Blast creates a little explosion. At the same time, the game has an incredibly simple interface. In fact, this interface is so simple that you can immediately see that the minimum effort is spent on it. I think user interfaces are one of the most critical points for a video game. After all, when I am looking at footage of a game, when I see things designed with Microsoft Paint, my thoughts on that game can turn into negative. Obviously, the friends who make the game are not very professional and there is no success on the visual design side. However, a quality user interface will delete such negative comments from anyone looking at the game. Apart from the user interface, there are also problems with the visual design and graphics of the game.

You feel these problems most in busy parts; There are not many problems in game modes such as golf, but it is impossible to feel the depth of field in all the remaining game modes. So sometimes you go up or down, do you have to jump or fall to reach the platform in front of you, your brain can’t perceive this. I think the biggest reason for this is that both the visuality is very intense and the colors are excessive. I mean, black platforms with neon lights like a riot don’t look good together.

Kinetic Edge is actually a game that looks good at times. Who doesn’t love neon lights? However, in game modes other than Golf, those neon lights become so much that it creates a headache. At the same time, the problem of depth of field arises as the number of pitch-black platforms increases. Still, I don’t want to bury the game because of these problems; I think my eyes can get used to it over time. By the way, the only problem on the presentation side is not visual. Although the performance is good, I think there is a serious weakness on the music / sound side.

Kinetic Edge
Kinetic Edge

A game that I can call average is coming

I mentioned the game modes. They were pretty standard and I think the game needs some creative content. However, I cannot make a clear criticism on this matter; I am not playing a game that is 100% finished. Perhaps in the future, the developer team will add highly creative content. Apart from that, I also talked about the basic gameplay, which itself was quite simple. Obviously, in a video game like this, there might not be much more to do on the gameplay side either. Maybe in the future, different mechanics for different game modes can be added to the game, but Kinetic Edge is a daily game. So there is no need to make itself too complex.

After the game modes and gameplay, I talked about the user interface. She looks very amateurish unfortunately and this bothers me a lot. Likewise, there are serious problems with visuals. Even though everything is normal on the performance side, the sounds and music are quite troublesome. First of all, the sound effects in the game are incredibly poor quality and somewhat simple. The music that comes on top of that and repeats itself constantly starts to be disturbing. Yes, it is not easy to work on sound and music in video games, but the work revealed is still bad.

Well, what shall we do, shall we buy this video game? Unfort
unately, I cannot see the price of the game at the moment when I write my pre-review. The developer team has not shared any information on this subject yet. Nevertheless, if I need to evaluate this work, I see the early access version I played as 20 Turkish Liras. Let’s say a few more content was added to the game in the full version. Then I think I can give a maximum of 40 Turkish Liras to this game. I know the economy is not very good; Even if the developer team sells the game for $ 10, this makes 70 Turkish Liras, but that’s too much for the Kinetic Edge.

If the Kinetic Edge is to be released at an affordable price and your computer hardware is enough to run this little game, you can give it a shot. However, do not buy this game for a single player based experience. Just like a single player, encounters with strangers can be very boring after a while; there is nothing you can get at the edge of victories. My suggestion is that you buy this game with your friends and use it for fun from time to time. Many content in the game can be enjoyed with friends.

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