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We had fun in the streets of Empire City with our main character Cole MacGrath in the first inFamous game and in the streets of New Marais in the game of inFamous 2. We are now on the streets of Seattle with our new main character, Delsin Rowe, in inFamous: Second Son. A new main character, a new city and, of course, new powers. What are our new powers? The powers shown in the videos were smoke and neon, but there are two more powers we can use in the game: video and concrete. So, how did Delsin Rowe, our main character, have these powers? Let’s find out. Let me warn you now that in this review I will talk a lot about the events in the story.

Let’s start by talking about the story

inFamous: Second Son is about seven years after the second game. At the end of the second game, we had killed all the conduits and the game ended well. Some time after the second game, the conduits returned uncertain how they were, and the United Defense Department (DUP) was established to keep these conduits under lock and key. Under the leadership of Brooke Augustine, the DUP began hunting and keeping the conduits under lock and key, and soon either killed or locked up a fairly large proportion of the conduits.

When the conduits are removed and there are no conduits left to catch, people begin to question the necessity of a DUP, and Augustine comes up with a plan. In such an environment, we experience the story of our main character, Delsin Rowe, who is a normal teenager from the town. One day, DUP’s transfer vehicle is kidnapped by the conduits it carries and crashes in the town of Delsin. Delsin gains the power of Hank’s smoke by holding his hand while helping Hank, one of the conduits stuck in the accident vehicle. Thus, Delsin fears that he has turned into conduit and goes after Hank to fix it, but learns that something cannot be fixed. Meanwhile, DUP comes to catch Hank and interrogate Delsin. DUP cripples the whole town using his concrete strength when Delsin refuses to speak.

Learning that concrete power is the only way to heal the townspeople, Delsin sets off for Seattle to get Augustine’s concrete strength. New powers, new friends and new enemies await him in Seattle. With friends Fetch, Eugene and his older brother Reggie, whom he met in Seattle, they aim to break Augustine’s plan and heal the townspeople. In the story part, I think the game is very good, our main character Delsin, although not a very interesting character, is a fun character. The fact that he makes me wonder what the next power I will gain throughout the story definitely depends on the game and it is very fun to use these powers.

inFamous: Second Son offers different powers
inFamous: Second Son offers different powers

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, we have four strengths in the game: Smoke, neon, video and concrete. At the beginning of the game we only have the power of smoke that we get from Hank and it is very enjoyable to use this power. It is very fun to enter the ventilation and exit the roofs, travel by bending between the roofs, swing rockets and bombs at the enemies. Our second strength is the neon power from Abigail Walker and my favorite. Using this power is even more fun than using smoke. Thanks to the speed of light, it is very enjoyable to be able to run almost without getting stuck anywhere and to take down enemies from their weak spots with a single shot.

Our third strength is the video power we get towards the end of the game, and using this power is as fun as using other powers. Crawling and gliding while shooting are my favorite qualities for this power. Providing invisibility is another plus. Let’s get to concrete, our last power in the game. I did not enjoy using this power as much as other powers. We have the ability to run fast, but you cannot go without getting stuck like in neon, we constantly hit places. We don’t have a bomb or a replacement for it. We have the ability to rise, but it’s also in video power, and we don’t have the most critical trait, the super ability.

What are these super abilities? These are special abilities that unlock when doing some good for good karma and killing a number of enemies or civilians for bad karma. The smoke that allows us to clean most of the enemies on the ground by rising and falling from the ground; with the power of neon that allows us to scan all sides, explode and clear a large part of the enemies around us; Abilities that allow us to summon angels or demons in video power and clear a large part of the enemies around us. However, there is no such capability for concrete, but we do not have to use the concrete strength except for the last task.

A very fun open world lays under your feet
A very fun open world lays under your feet

A very fun open world lays under your feet

Throughout the article, I stated that navigating the game’s open world is extremely fun. So how are side events in the open world? Although the open world is overly full, side events are repetitive. There are five types of side missions in the game, apart from things that we can collect and destroy. The first is secret agent killing. When we go to the area where the mission is, the game shows us his photo by stating that he is a civilian DUP agent wandering among the public and asks us to find and kill without being noticed. If we’re spotted, the agent starts running and wants us to catch and kill him. So the task is done.

The second type of side mission is to destroy hidden cameras. In these missions, the game asks us to find and destroy this camera by showing us the image seen by a very small hidden camera. In the third type of side quest, we find audio recordings that someone in the DUP has placed all over the city to help us. In these missions, we see how many meters we are from the sound recording, so we can find the sound recordings. Our fourth type of side quest is the side quests where we do graffiti. These missions ask us to use the controller like a spray paint can. It gives the feeling of shaking the paint, squeezing and the like very well. Our fifth and final side quest type is the quests that are opened when you do a certain amount of side quests for each region. In these missions, Delsin sprays a sign belonging to the DUP, informs himself and fights with the incoming DUP teams.

The conversations between Delsin and the DUP secretary in these tasks are quite entertaining. Apart from these 5 types of missions, we can capture classical regions, collect power cores, but these events unfortunately repeat each other a lot. You get bored when you do too much of the same side task. At least it is not necessary to do side missions to progress in the main missions.

There are several types of main quests for inFamous: Second Son

I divided the main tasks in the game into two. The first of these is the original main quests. In these missions, the story progresses and you do something different in each mission. These are really nice tasks. The second type of task is the tasks in which we pursue a core relay to develop our powers. We usually do three or four tasks, and then one core relay is one of the tasks we were after. So, what are these core relay duties? We need tools called core relays to develop that power every time we acquire

power. Since our older brother Reggie is a cop, they have access to their location. With Reggie’s help, we’re pursuing these core relays so that we can learn to use our new power. These missions are also repetitive, but unlike open world missions, they don’t bore you. So why? Because while playing the game, we wonder what we can do with this new power and the curiosity of how we can gain more skills prevents us from getting bored, but if you play the game for the second time, these tasks can become extremely boring; There are three of these missions in the game and it is not very fun to do the same main task three times, especially the second time you play. Other tasks are definitely fun.

The beginning of the game is very cinematic and it starts slowly, but when you step into Seattle, you dive directly into the action. There are four main episode end matches and one mini game in the game. These are fine, if not the quality of the games in a Souls series. The characters are fun, even if they’re not overly deeply written characters. All of them have their own stories. Among missions, the last mission is my favorite. It is a fun and accelerating task to play, where we use all the forces and fight back to back with all our friends. Also, the last game of the game is very successful.

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