New games continue to be announced at Sony’s PlayStation 5 presentation. A sequel came from the Guerilla Games front of the “Future of Games” event. Horizon Forbidden West, the action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and to be published by Sony, has been announced for PlayStation 5.

Horizon Zero Dawn, the first game in the series developed by Amsterdam-based Guerrilla Games, was released for the PlayStation 4 platform in February 2017. Despite being one of the best selling games on the console with over 10 million copies sold worldwide, it was highly criticized by some players. Horizon Zero Dawn, which tells the story of Aloy, a young woman who leaves her village to pursue the people who attacked her tribe and tried to kill her, takes place in the 31st century, in a universe where humanity lives a primitive existence on Earth.

Horizon Forbidden West announced for PlayStation 5

In the sequel, Aloy (Ashly Burch) and his friend Sylens (Lance Reddick) head west to explore new places in America. The original game was already set in the west, in modern-day states such as Colorado and Utah, now we’re heading back to the pacific beaches. Our main character, Aloy, will face gigantic machines and some mysterious events here. When we look at the published video, the images that look like they were taken from the movie Avatar greet us. At least I felt that way. The trailer shows the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, as well as wild pigs, turtles, and woolly mechanical mammoths. In the 3 and a half-minute announcement video published, we also witness how the game will look on the new generation consoles.

In the “Future of Games” event, where Sony introduced its new generation console, many more games were announced except Horizon Forbidden West. There were games that surprised us as well as games that we excited and left our mouths open.

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