Hitman 3 was announced at the Playstation 5 event and it was announced that it would be one of the transition games. It was also stated that there will be different modes in the production, following the footsteps of the previous game of the series. The production team of the game IO Interactive shared some information about these modes that will take place in the game.

Hitman 3 will be released in January 2021

According to the statement, Hitman 3 will include Elusive Targets, Sniper Assasin and Contracts modes as well as the story mode. In the story mode, we will actually encounter a process we are familiar with. This story mode, in which we will take a closer look at the world of assassins, will also put an end to the current story planned for Hitman. Throughout the story mode, we will perform different assassinations and take control of Agent 47. The other modes and their descriptions in the game that will be released for PS4 and Xbox One in January, except for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X

Elusive Targets: In fact, we can say that this mode is exactly a game mode that we will assassinate. As a result of the contracts we will receive, it will take place in the game as a mode where we can download different targets on the game field. It is stated that in this game mode we have to fully demonstrate our skills.
Contracts Mode: In contract mode, we will rather be able to set our own goals. At the same time, how we take them down will be up to the player. We can say that it will have a more free structure than the Elusive mode. In addition, as you complete the contract, there will be a leaderboard where you can compete with your friends in areas such as the best time.
Sniper Assassin: It is possible to say that this mode is a little more challenging. In this game mode where you have to eliminate the targets in the game without triggering any alarm, you will also complete various missions to earn more points. There are no exact details on this subject, but I thought of directives such as kill all enemies with just a choke wire or just use a pistol.

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