Hitman 3, which will make its debut a few weeks later, is back in front of the players with brand new information given by the developer team. As you know, this game will include both a virtual reality mode and the contents of the previous two games for the players who meet the requirements. When all these are collected, according to the developer team, the video game in question will have a size of around 100 GB. The developers announced that they managed to reduce the size of the game to these values ​​with brand new compression technologies. Normally, the size of this game would probably be between 150 GB and 200 GB.

Hitman 3 will try to bring the other two games to its level

According to the statements made by IO Interactive, the developer team of the Hitman 3 game, the contents of the first and second Hitman games will be packaged in a visually improved way. This content will only be accessible to those who own the original games. So perhaps the rest of the players won’t download the relevant files; The size of the main game will decrease to around 50 GB, but of course there is no official explanation about this issue. This is my personal guess. At the same time, this game will also include a PlayStation VR mode. This will be one of the factors that increase the same size, at least for PlayStation consoles.

Hitman 3, which will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2021, will be a final for World of Assassination. IO Interactive will probably take a break from the mentioned brand from now on and turn to the James Bond-themed game that was announced before. This team, which has already achieved great success with the Hitman brand, I am sure will do good work with the James Bond licensed. Well, what do you think about all these issues? We will definitely be waiting for your comments.

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