Gran Turismo 7

The last game in the Gran Turismo series to be released was Gran Turismo Sport. This game made its debut at an almost unsuccessful level. There were plenty of bugs during the game’s release period, and interesting design decisions were made, such as nothing logging unless you have an internet connection. The developer team of course corrected this game over time, but the players were still clearly not satisfied with this artwork. The reason for this was that the Gran Turismo Sport game felt very different from the other games in the series. Players weren’t looking for a different feel, they wanted to see a quality and modern Gran Turismo game. Now, the Gran Turismo 7 game is in development, and according to the developer team, this time comes a classic Gran Turismo game.

Gran Turismo 7 won’t be much like the previous game

Gran Turismo 7 is developed by Polyphony Digital and the studio is headed by Kazunori Yamauchi. Now, according to this person, the video game in question will be one of the main games of the series. In contrast, Kazunori Yamauchi also argued that different Gran Turismo games of different generations may not always be easily understood by players. For example, the Gran Turismo Sport game was the game of the last generation and it gave importance to electronic sports. Although the game did not come out very well, Kazunori Yamauchi argued that as time passed, his games gained success and players could understand this logic over time. At this point, it seems as if we could see a radical change in the game of the new generation

According to the statements made by Kazunori Yamauchi, importance will be given to electronic sports in the Gran Turismo 7 game. However, at the same time, the game will resemble the classic games of the series. This artwork may even evoke feelings of nostalgia for some actors. It was mentioned that this game will be very similar to the first four works, and the spirit of the original Gran Turismo will return. We guess this will probably be done with the contents. Even in the first promotional video released for the game, it was possible to come across some content and game modes that returned from previous works of the series. With these elements, the game seems to appeal to the past, reflect the present with its modern content, and shed light on the future with its support such as electronic sports.

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