God of War second project revealed

God of War second project revealed – Santa Monica Studio, the studio behind the God of War brand, is currently developing a new game. It is also known that this game is a new God of War artwork that will be released in 2021. Of course, the release year can change at any time. Now, thanks to a new job posting published by Santa Monica Studio, we learned that the studio has another project. In this job posting, it appears that the studio is looking for a new art director, and it is clear that he will be working on a project that has not yet been announced. Thus, we learn that there is another project.

Is there another big project besides God of War?

Santa Monica Studio has 27 different job postings and almost all of these job postings have very critical roles. Positions like game design director, chief gameplay programmer, and lead author are not things that can be used for a game that will be released this year. Also on most of these job postings, “Go on a new adventure with us.” There are sentences in the form. From these sentences, we can actually think that job postings are not related to God of War.

Also, we don’t think this project is anything too small; Santa Monica Studio states that it has developed projects that can set a new standard in game genres. Santa Monica Studio is known for its game brand, which we have mentioned a lot in our news. However, Cory Barlog, the recent director of this brand, said in a statement made a few years ago that he wanted to work on new brands and had creative ideas. Now, Cory Barlog may have presented his ideas to both the studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment company and got the green light. At the same time, there may be preparations for a completely different video game not related to Cory Barlog. I really wonder what such a talented studio can do.

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