Genshin Impact

Like many video games, Genshin Impact will celebrate the new year. This artwork will also appear before the players with the third content update in order to celebrate the new year. The update will be version 1.3 and will bring significant activity to the game along with new content. The event called Lantern Rite will take place in Liyue Harbor and will celebrate the New Year in the universe of the game. This update, which will be available for download on February 3, 2021, will also give players 1,600 Primogems and a 4-star character through the event. Of course, players will also have new tasks to tackle.

All That Glitters event will be experienced in Genshin Impact game

The event, named Lantern Rite, will consist of three parts, and in each episode, the players will do different tasks for the event itself. The higher the enthusiasm for the event, the more quests and of course gifts will be unlocked. On the last day of the event, the players will see the result of their help with a magnificent visual feast and the event will end. Meanwhile, there will be different interactable stores and characters in the event area. Some of these will offer players mini-games like Theater Mechanicus. Theater Mechanicus, a tower guard game, will reward players with loot.

Another mini event called Five Flushes of Fortune will be held in the Genshin Impact game. In this event, players will take photos of certain things and again receive loot as a result. New events will appear every day in the game. If your adventure level is above 20, you will be able to start a new questline called Vishaps and Where to Find Them. In this series, players will hunt beings named Geovishap. However, a new gift will be given to players who log into the game classically, and the new year will be celebrated as full as possible in this video game.

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