Many people who love motor sports are probably eagerly awaiting new video games of this sport every year. The same goes for us and this year we managed to get the F1 2020 game early with a nice surprise. We got the game a few days ago, played a lot and now with the lifting of the embargo, we present our review article. I would like to start this article by talking about the prominent content of the game. I will try not to mention very classical and basic contents; themselves do not change much from year to year.

The most interesting feature of F1 2020 game is an all new My Team mode. Through this game mode, we first create our own character and give it a name. Then we build our own team just like in real life; We hire sponsors for that team, select engine suppliers, and customize our team in great detail. As a result, we start our league career as the eleventh team on the track. I think this content in the game offers the most realistic experience you have ever seen.

If you like the aforementioned motorsport, the new mode called My Team has a structure that can really keep you hooked for weeks, maybe months. Opening new departments of our team, establishing structures and advancing all of these within a certain logic can be enjoyable for those who really understand. At the same time, we are able to recruit new drivers to the team and develop them in the direction we want and make them better in races. My Team offers a particularly strong role-playing content.

Even if My Team is able to carry single player-based game modes alone, not every player will be interested in this content. If you want to have a more social experience, there is another new feature in F1 2020 game. Actually, he’s not exactly new, but we haven’t seen it since 2014. The feature I am talking about is, of course, to make the racing experience by dividing the screen in two. If you have a second controller, take the seat with your friend and compete with him. I have not tried this mod as it is not my friend.

F1 2020 comes with Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher, a legendary name when it comes to motorsport, is in the F1 2020 game. This legend, which is known as a name even by people who are not interested in motor sports, also includes iconic racing cars with it. If you purchase the required special version of this game; You can experience Benetton B194, Benetton B195, Jordan 191, Ferrari F1-2000 and Ferrari F2004 vehicles. The Michael Schumacher legend skins, driver’s clothes, expression moves and more are also included in the game.

Of course, it’s not all about the My Team mode, the split-screen experience, and the legend of Michael Schumacher. When you enter any game mode, your eye is looking for new tracks and F1 2020 has them in it. Circuit Zandvoort within the borders of the Netherlands and Hanoi Street Circuit within the borders of Vietnam are presented to the players with this video game. These tracks, which are completely produced from scratch, stand out in terms of quality and difficulty. Especially Hanoi Street Circuit can be challenging.

Speaking of difficulty, an important innovation of the F1 2020 game is in the accessibility category. No matter what kind of video game we are facing, accessibility is very important and this game places importance on being accessible. If you love motor sports and are going to step into a video game of this genre for the first time, F1 2020 has an easy mode that appeals to new players of the genre. With this mode, some simulation-based difficulties in the game are alleviated and you start the game much more calmly.

When the daily player mode or inexperienced player mode in F1 2020 is activated, not only the simulations in the game are lightened; At the same time, the game’s menu becomes calm. In this way, the player does not drown in settings that he does not need. Competitive online races are also unaffected, as this feature is only active in single player-based content. In order to take part in online races; To compete against real players, you have to turn off this help mode and go back to the base game.

You don’t get halfway through content

Just above, we seemed to be referring to the online-based content of the F1 2020 game. Let’s take a closer look at those game modes now. If you are looking for competition in this video game or want to participate in the electronic sports framework, the address you need will be the online and multiplayer modes of this work directly. In the game, there are both ranked and non-ranked races in multiplayer, so if you are not looking for a lot of competition, the races without ranking appeal to you. Nowadays, there are not many games left without online service. F1 2020 is an online service, and for this reason, the game includes weekly, monthly and seasonal content. Of course, all of these contents are included in online services. For example, you can complete challenge-based content that changes weekly and participate in leagues. There is also a separate tab for electronic sports and you can participate in qualifying races from there. Of course, there is a region to watch the same races. In general, there are races against time, Grand Prix mode, championships and a career mode that can last up to 10 years. You can see licensed teams, cars, tracks and more in all of these content. There are also 16 classic cars in the game. If the Formula 1 side is not enough for you, a license for Formula 2 is also included in the game. If you wish, you can start your experience for Formula 2 as half or full season. Of course, 2018 and 2019 seasons can be experienced in these contents. I like game modes where I have a clear and fun goal. That’s why I am most interested in the single player side of the career and My Team modes. Frankly, I haven’t had much fun with time trial races, championships and other types of single player based content. In an embargoed time, I cannot say that I can take a look at the online-based game modes as I experienced it before the game was released, but there is no revolutionary feature out there compared to the versions of this game brand last year.

Let’s talk about the gameplay for F1 2020

The most important thing in a video game like F1 2020 is gameplay. Of course, the tracks and cars should also be very realistic, but if the gameplay is not of good quality, such works are not very playable. Codemasters has managed to preserve the successful gameplay mechanics that it has achieved with this series in the new game, and in summary, a successful gameplay has been presented. However, as we can see in the content, a feature that can leave your mouth open is not included in the gameplay section. So, the first and biggest thing you might notice as an innovation will be about the brakes. In the last year’s video games, braking distance was not a clearly emphasized issue. Codemasters seems to have gone over the braking distances incredibly in F1 2020; There is an incredibly realistic experience on these issues. Likewise, the handling of the cars is much more realistic than the previous games of the series. In this way, it feels incredibly beautiful to turn corners on those challenging tracks skillfully. A fun gameplay is also offered, as both road holding and braking distances are adjusted as realistically as possible. The gameplay features will be felt by players playing the game with real simulation the most. While I was viewing this game, I played it realistically with a very high rate. The simulation feel and basic gameplay were incredibly realistic. However, as I said before, F1 2020 has a one-day player mode, and even when you activate this mode, you can notice that renewed gameplay feeling in the game. However, I was expecting a bigger, My Team level innovation on the gameplay side in general. F1 2020 will connect the players with the most gameplay. The gameplay side of the F1 2019 game was successful enough and of course there is no need to fix anything that is not broken. Therefore, it is not a problem that the gameplay has been improved at a minimum level, but in this type of annual games, one wants to see a big event. The 10-year career mode and of course the completely new My Team mode consists of huge innovations and improvements, but I would love to see an innovation at the same level on the gameplay side, but I couldn’t.

The most realistic motorsport looks in this game

F1 2020 does not only attract attention with its quality on the gameplay and content side and its realism. The visual quality of this work also stands out. Especially if you have a powerful computer, you can easily notice these new visual features on the new tracks. The way the runways are created, renewed lighting, and improved texture coverings can even leave the mouth open from time to time. However, on consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the visuality does not show such a big difference to the players compared to the previous games of the series. F1 2020, which delights us with both the visuality of the tracks and the realism of the cars, leaves mouths open with its performance. If you have an above average computer, you can get a good performance with impressive graphics. Underpowered computers can also experience the game with a smooth performance on a managed visual level. I would also like to talk about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of this work, but unfortunately I do not know how the performance thing is on the console versions. The sounds are as good as always. You can hear the cars, the engines in them, the environment and many other related sounds incredibly beautifully. However, the game is a bit weak in terms of music, unfortunately. So, when you listen, there are a few nice tracks in the game, but none of them are catchy. I know, music is not very important for this type of game, but I attach great importance to sound and music. That’s why I get really upset when music is not addressed in video games. To sum it all up, F1 2020 is a very successful video game. When it comes to content, My Team and career modes offer an incredible quality experience for players who love single player based content. If you like online content, there are different race options with and without ranking. Everything about basic gameplay, mechanics, tracks, and cars is also fine. The visuals, performance and sound effects in the game are also of high quality. If you like genre, I recommend this game.

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