Empire of Sin

Without a doubt, 2020 has been the year of single player games. There were also those that came with great anticipation and burst like balloons; As a player who is fond of strategy games, I must say that I started looking for strategy games that offer new gameplay and story. Even though I continue to play by purchasing additional packages for the old games, one always wants something new. At this time, Empire of Sin welcomed us with a story that we were not familiar with in strategy games.

Although it has a style that we are familiar with its gameplay before, the general atmosphere of the game with its story is different. When you look at it, when it comes to strategy, games based on conquering the world stand out on a continuous map, even though there are different time zones. As a strategy lover, when I say Hearts of Iron IV, Europa Universalis IV, Realpoliticks, I can say that there is almost no strategy I haven’t played, but at the end of the day, one gets tired of conquering the world. As we are looking for different mechanics, story and gameplay. That’s exactly what the Empire of Sin came across. This work presents a turn-based and birds-eye gameplay we are familiar with from XCOM, Gears Tactics and Desperados games, and a story that we are not used to in strategy games.

Welcome to Chicago’s underworld

Godfather, Irıshman and Valley of the Wolves fans, this game is for you. We do not conquer a country, we do not rule a city or a country in the game Empire of Sin. We are trying to survive by stepping into the underworld in Chicago, doing illegal work there. The game presented us with a total of 14 characters, 3 of which we can play in this city, have lived in real life. Of course, the famous Al Capone was the one that attracted my attention the most and I immediately started the game with him. Each of our mafia leaders has advantages in different business areas. In addition, these characters have special moves that we will use in one on one combat.

As we can understand from the name of our game, we are trying to build an empire of sins in the city of Chicago. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the other mafia leaders who are trying to do this with us. In these cases, the Empire of Sin offers us options, and at the same time, we begin to build bilateral relations with other leaders. Depending on your answers, your relationships are going well or badly. With these choices we make, not only the mafia leader we deal with, but also the attitude of other mafia leaders towards us varies. Because when you want to start a business in a place, the leader who has power in that region can demand tribute from you; These leaders have good or bad relationships not only with us but also among themselves.

As we can see here, there is a serious diplomacy that we have to carry out. Remember, this is diplomacy between mafia leaders. Don’t expect a network of relationships like in other games; policy is made here and no notes are given. Here, racons are cut, so to speak. While doing business, you need to pay attention to what kind of profile you draw; When you say “fine”, other mafia leaders may see you soft and then crash into your spaces for no apparent reason.

Although the story of the game Empire of Sin is original, it remains barren in terms of variety at some points. In most of the dialogues with leaders, the scenario is written the same. The end of the dialogue will be done, there is a certain sentence pool, from there sentences are selected. At the end of the dialogue, it is offered to exchange the advantages in the business line that are unique to each leader that I mentioned earlier. It is up to you to accept it or not, but it is not very good at establishing business with everyone; When two other mafia leaders go into competition or war, one can come and ask you to cut off relations with the other. Here you have to be ready and attentive at all times to be able to talk at the table.

Empire of Sin
Empire of Sin

The world of the game Empire of Sin is a dirty and sinful world

So how do we get ready and how do we build this empire? Of course, the job does not end with cutting racon in Empire of Sin game. To protect yourself, you must create a strong gang organization and be able to finance this organization. In this part, bar, casino, brothel, factory, hotel buildings meet us. All of them are buildings that finance us but also increase our reputation. Here is the point you need to pay attention to at this point; When you increase your reputation and start to attract attention, you make not only friends but also enemies. That is why you should not hesitate to develop security systems while developing our spaces.

As I mentioned earlier, you will not be enough alone to repel other leaders who want to collapse in these places. You can increase the number of security guards from 2 when you first set up the venue to 10 according to the improvements. Here, too, don’t focus too much on security; extra security means extra expense. So you need to achieve the economic balance at this point. Speaking of economic balance, let me also state this; you will not have such a fixed income. The reason for this is related to casinos from our buildings. If we want to grow fast we need to have casinos; Casinos are the places that generate the most income.

However, sometimes this income may decrease; Although not much, sometimes it may even drop to negative. He doesn’t always win cases in Empire of Sin; sometimes customers can also win. We need to be prepared for this and design our gang accordingly. Because we make weekly payments to the members we include in our gang. The growth rate of our gang is determined by our economic size here, and of course, the bigger our gang is, the more we dominate the street. While expanding our gang, don’t forget to hone the abilities of all gang members, including our leader. Otherwise, these gang members are no different from ordinary security guards.

The most important dynamics of the game Empire of Sin is the gang organization; It is possible to encounter the bodyguards of the owner of the place around or on the street. This situation is an important factor when we are at war with the other leader. So how do we expand this gang and improve our skills? A special window is reserved for these two options in the Empire of Sin game. Through these windows we can improve ourselves or recruit other gangsters to work on our gang. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the relations between the gangsters. We cannot hire everybody, and our reputation must be high in the underground world.

Empire of Sin
Empire of Sin

Minimally attentive and beautiful presentations welcome us in the game of Empire of Sin.

Well, how was this world prepared and presented to us, let’s take a look at that. If we need to look at the general city atmosphere, a lot of attention has been paid to such a presentation. We can see that meticulous workmanship even at the dining tables that bars put on the street. The city and building exterior designs were presented to us in the 1920s and in the light of our story. If we want, we can travel with our character step by step or instead, we can move further and reach our map this time and reach the general view of our city.

From this map, we can see which building belongs to whom and what work is being done there, and we can create our actual boundaries in our minds and adjust our positioning orders accordingly.
The map is presented in a very simple and understandable way. From here, we can go to the tabs where we do our building improvements. From this map, we can again see what kind of places we have in our neighborhood. Let’s talk about the interior designs of the buildings; Unfortunately, there is not much variety here. I can say that it was a bit lacking in this regard. The designs are still nice, but only 2 types of interior designs are offered for each building. They will probably offer these variations with additional packages. Because Paradox Interactive, one of the producers of the game, is a company that is a complete additional package monster. If you have played the games they have published before, you can observe this very clearly.

I can say I liked the graphics. It had a very sweet urban feel, even if it was a minimal design. Because the interior designs were like that. In some cinematics, the graphics quality may seem bad when the camera angle gets closer, but in this kind of mechanics, this is a situation that can be ignored. However, the music is not bad; Visuality is as important as music to be able to participate in the atmosphere in the game and feel the event. The menu music of the game Empire of Sin and the background music played while walking around the city are very nice. In the music, you really get the air of nostalgia that was in those old American cowboy movies.

Whether the voices of the characters in the game, the general music of the game or the music that changes depending on the action are not bad at all. The accent is not forgotten in the characters with beautifully selected ethnic roots that I observed in character voices. However, there is one missing point that the dialogues are constantly repeating; It’s as if you’re not sitting down and having conversations with different characters. Especially, there is almost no emphasis on the side characters. There are not many shortcomings in terms of performance, but sometimes characters can enter wrong positions from time to time, but I guess such small touches are reserved for additional packages.

Empire of Sin

Is it enough to be different?

As I mentioned before, we have seen this game mechanics before. But this story-style strategy is also the first time I know it. Well, is this feature enough to buy the game? I guess that this game, whose current price is 59 TL on the Playstore, will decrease to 20 TL with discounts; This happens in almost all of the games from Paradox Interactive. My guess is that there will be many additional packages by next year; The company we call Paradox Interactive is a company that chokes on additional packages that make the game at least 5-6 times wider, where you will spend more money than the price of the game at the end of the day.

For these reasons, I see that you are very likely to spend extra money to increase your gaming enjoyment, because of Paradox Interactive company. Well, is that worth it? I am sure that the game will become even more enjoyable after the additional packages. I think strategy-loving friends should definitely play this game. I see it as a very remote possibility of coming online mode; It already offers a long playing time, it is not a game that you can finish in one sitting, but I can say that it offers a very good experience as a single player. If you are a strategy-loving player, I would definitely recommend you to buy it.

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