Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt

A brand new expansion pack for Destiny 2 was released a few months ago. His name was Beyond Light and I wrote his review too. It is an online service tradition alone, a new season is launched once every 3 months. One week after Beyond Light made its debut, a brand new season started in this game. I had a lot of fun in the previous season, Season of Arrivals. Still, I had no hope for the new season; It was easy to guess that a season that came with Beyond Light wasn’t going to do much good.

Who’s going to deal with the season when there’s a whole lot of expansion? Should we work on the Beyond Light side? Should we waste our time on the Season of the Hunt? The logical choice here is of course the expansion pack Beyond Light. At this point I was expecting a very radical decision by Bungie; I was thinking that they would completely integrate Beyond Light and the new season, but that was not the case; Both contents came out separately. Now, the finale for Season of the Hunt is approaching, and I think it’s time to write the review, even if there are 1-2 content I haven’t seen in the season yet. Those contents will not affect my final decision much. There is also 1 month left for the Season of the Hunt period to end. As unprecedented content, the repeatable mission remained for Hawkmoon and the live event for the end of the season. As I just said, the repeatable mission and live event will not affect my decision at all.

That repeatable mission will be the more challenging version of the final mission designed for Hawkmoon anyway. The live event will be similar to the other two events before this. What can i say? By the way, of course it’s a repeatable quest for Hawkmoon and it’s nice that we can get a different Perk for the weapon as a result. Season of the Hunt, I think, impressed everyone with its story. In this story, Xivu Arath, a Hive god, emerges using the chaos created by The Darkness and begins to threaten the entire universe. For this, as the guard, we are carrying a new character named Osiris and Crow, the season. Of course, there are a few supporting characters. By the way, it is difficult for Crow to clearly say that he is a new character, but it is not difficult to see himself as a new person after the events. If you wish, let me talk about this story in detail now; let me criticize him.

Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt brings the story to the fore

In the new season of Destiny 2, Xivu Arath emerges as players grapple with the peril presented with Beyond Light. Osiris notices him first, and during this time Sagira dies. However, the death of such a beloved character takes place entirely in the background; You can only learn this from the messages sent to Zavala’s office before the season starts. Now, if there was another side character, I would have regarded it as normal to be killed quietly in this way, but we’re talking about Sagira here. He was the second Ghost to speak in the game, and he also had a prominent personality / character.

Frankly, it saddened me that Sagira was killed in this way even before the season started. There was a death in the background, probably because Bungie couldn’t get a deal with this character’s vocalist, but I’d love to see a cinematic about it anyway. At least the importance of the season would have increased significantly. I am sure that many players who played this season did not even know clearly that Sagira was dead. This death is mentioned 1-2 times during the season, but that’s it. No one has even listened to those audio recordings before the season.

I am very glad that Uldren Sov is back as Crow, even though I was sad that a proper death scene was not prepared for Sagira. We already watched as a cinematic scene 1 or 2 years ago that he was played by a Ghost. Since then, I have been very curious about when and how Uldren Sov will return. It turns out that he had been trying to stay in the shadows, in the dark, ever since he was animated. As you know, Uldren Sov does not know his past because he was revived. But I’m sure a very difficult life began for Crow, as everyone who saw him vomited hate.

I don’t remember how it happened, but Uldren Sov, who now calls himself Crow, is hired by Spider. Alone, Spider places explosives inside his Ghost to secure himself and prevent Crow from escaping. If they try to escape themselves, those explosives explode, Ghost dies, and Crow loses all his strength. At the end of the season, we kill Xivu Arath, give control of Tangled Shore back to Spider, and in return we demand the freedom of Crow. Spider is trying to prevent him at first, but as a guardian who has killed countless gods, of course we get what we want.

Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt
Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt

What I have to say for the story is not over yet

Normally, when I write a review, I only need to separate a single title for the story. In games like The Last of Us Part II where the story is the focal point, I need more than 1 title, but now I felt the need to throw the second title for the new season of Destiny 2 game. The story I mentioned in the first title is the cornerstone of the season. There is also the elaboration of this story in the background. Throughout the season, we read / listen to the difficulties Crow has faced since his rebirth, in different contents and story descriptions of items. He is also aware that he has done a great evil. Of course, Crow does not yet know what he did in his past life and does not want to find out.

He just knows that he’s done a terrible thing, so he understands other people who look at him with hateful eyes. Of course the extras for these. I mean, Bungie managed to lay the foundations for a great character with Crow in a magnificent way. I think he managed to start the new year of Destiny 2 very well in terms of the story, his re-entry into our lives, his pairing with a Ghost like Glint, the advances in his story with Season of the Hunt, and much more.

As I understand it, Bungie prepares annual, independent stories and these stories are associated with both the events of the past year and the expansion packages. My guess is that at least for 1 or 2 more seasons the story related to Crow will advance. The Witch Queen, the expansion pack for 2021, will make Crow’s arrival at the Tower. In fact, by then, Crow may start living inside the Last City or Tower, possibly in the stories told in the background, but projecting this into the game may be delayed until the next expansion pack.

What I want to say is that the story presented in Season of the Hunt impressed me with every part. So, I’m not just talking about cinematic scenes watched in the game; I’m also talking about the dialogues in the secret rooms of the episodes, the story pieces written about the items, and the long stories published by Bungie on the official website. When I look at it as a whole, Season of the Hunt starts the new year of Destiny 2 game very well in terms of story. If more work had been done for Sagira, I would have said it was even perfect.

Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt
Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt

Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt doesn’t pay much attention to content and activities

As I said at the beginning of my review, there may not be much from the seasons that are released with any expansion package. We saw this last year, and we saw it this year. However, as I say this, I do not see any problem for myself; This is what makes sense. If a huge expansion pack is coming out, the season that is released with it must take itself a few steps back so that the expansion pack shines. In addition, the resources of this team are not unlimited. It shouldn’t be surprising that more funds were allocated to the $ 40 expansion package than for a $ 10 season.

I say all these; Season of the Hunt does not offer much except the story, and this turns into a huge problem for players. Of course, the players I mean here are those who have sworn to finish every content added to the game within a few hours. I’m sure Bungie develops this kind of content to handle it for a longer time, but there are people who spend 8-10 hours a day playing Destiny 2 and then cry on the internet that there is not enough content in this game. Brother, whichever game you play, you won’t find content with this head. The problem is not with the games, but with the players.

Of course all this is not making the Season of the Hunt period flawless in terms of content, but as I said, the season would not be spent with the expansion pack. You just need to use a few brain cells to predict this. Season of the Hunt holds itself back in terms of content so that people can play content on the Beyond Light side comfortably and don’t get into trouble to miss out on seasonal content. Frankly, I am very happy with this decision. I can only play this game for 1-2 hours a day, and if there was a huge season, I would probably miss most of the content.

The few things that can be done during the Season of the Hunt, however, are not enough in my eyes to bring these contents to a successful point; As in the previous seasons, there are many logical mistakes in this season. For example, in order to play the seasonal activity again, we need to play a certain number of Strike, Gambit or Crucible. If there are new things in these activities that I mentioned, if they play itself over and over again, it will not be a problem, but since 2017, I am really tired of playing the same content and I put up with them just for Pinnacle Engram.

The number of the content is small as well as almost no effect it leaves.

In the season of Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt, Crow produces a tool to reveal Xivu Arath and his precious soldiers. First of all, we need to charge this device by playing the boring contents, which I think is the most problematic point of the seasonal activity. If you have patience, you fully charge the device in half an hour or 1 hour, and then you start the hunt by placing some baits on the device again. The baits here actually help you determine which spoils you can get from the hunt. As in the last season, you determine your own loot by yourself. It’s really nice that the Bungie side continues to use this system. So, at the moment the game’s loot pool is not very large, but I think it is never a bad method to take the time and choose what we can get from the content we play.

The bad thing about Season of the Hunt is that the hunting missions are incredibly simple and short. I don’t know if you believe it, but there is little difference between prey and Lost Sector type content. In fact, I can say that the Lost Sector content in Europa is harder and takes longer than the hunts. This is the second biggest mistake of seasonal content in my opinion. By completing the hunts in the Season of the Hunt, we can strengthen the hunting device, but it is quite easy to regain its full power.

In fact, if you work, it can reach maximum power even in the first 1-2 weeks. So, it wasn’t as troublesome as that bootable machine of last season. Also, Iron Banner or something classic happened throughout the season and I could not see much special content in any of them. Only Adept level weapons came to the Trials of Osiris side, if I am not confusing the times. In fact, I remember the same thing happened with Grandmaster-level Nightfall: The Ordeal.

So, Season of the Hunt was a bit poor in content. However, this weakness is not related to the short duration or ease of the content. The problem for me is that the hunting missions are at the level of Lost Sector, and having to make those boring contents in order to charge the hunting device. By the way, I wish I could at least say The Dawning added color to the game, but the main thing in that event was to play those boring content again. However, I will not talk much about the event; I have already shared an opinion article about The Dawning with you. No need to extend the subject.

Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt
Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt

Hawkmoon is finally back

One of the important things in the new season of Destiny 2 game is loot. The biggest highlight of this season was the return of the Hawkmoon weapon from the first game. A very beautiful and story-filled mission was prepared for this weapon. The weapon itself is not as interesting as in the first game, but I still think it will come in handy for both PvP and PvE type content from time to time. However, if I’m going to use a Hand Cannon on the PvP side, I’d rather hang out with Ace of Spades.

On the PvE side, I don’t know why I should use the Hawkmoon weapon with The Lament. Apart from Hawkmoon, we also met Duality. It’s a new exotic weapon, but after the unique exotic weapon we’ve come across in recent seasons, Duality obviously feels like an ordinary shotgun. There’s also Fang of Xivu Arath, our seasonal item. He again raises our power level and offers different modes. Fang of Xivu Arath provides the mods for enemies of the Nightmare type for law enforcement, which I think is very nice. In this way, all exotic weapons become useful against such enemies. I hope this tradition continues.

We also have a season pass. This ticket consists of 100 levels and holds numerous gifts. These include seasonal items of course, and if I look at them as loot, nothing has caught my attention this season. So, seasonal weapons do not have much of a feature. The armor and other armor skin that came for Warlock also looked bad to me. Frankly, I only liked the 95th level and 99th level expressions in a huge season ticket. Also, these tickets now give more Bright Dust, which is a great change for those dealing with a single character.

There have been more updates during the season, but I don’t want to go into such small details. In summary, this season of Destiny 2 game has been partially good for me. With the season not too heavy, I managed to spend 80 hours on games like Cyberpunk 2077. Even now, I pay attention to different games. Of course, the fact that I have nothing to do in Destiny 2 game for now may show some people that the game is actually unsuccessful, but I think we should not play any game for 3 months continuously. Games should have such break periods.

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