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The fifth add-on package for the New Frontier Pass element of Sid Meier’s Civilization VI game, Vietnam and Kubilay Han; It debuted for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Linux. This new content pack adds Bà Triệu, the leader of Vietnam, and Kublai Khan, as the alternative leader of China or Mongolia, to the said video game. Thus, both new and deepened content is offered to the players.

What are the new features coming to Sid Meier’s Civilization VI game?

Vietnam and Kublai Khan package includes Vietnam civilization with Bà Triệu, Voi Chien unique unit and Thanh unique building. Vietnam’s unique talent is referred to as Nine Dragon River Delta. All terrain custom zones can only be built on Rainforest, Marsh or Woods tiles. Buildings of each tile type receive additional science, production or culture. Ba Triệu’s unique ability is called Drive Out the Aggressors. Additional combat power is provided for units fighting in the Rainforest, Marsh or Woods tiles; This bonus is further increased for tiles owned by Vietnam. If the game is launched in Rainforest, Marsh or Woods, an additional movement will be provided for Vietnam’s tiles, which is further increased. Vietnam also has its unique medieval ranged unit, Voi Chien.

This unit can move after attacking and has additional movement. It is more expensive than the Crossbowman unit it replaces, but is stronger in defense and has more vision; Thanh unique region offers additional culture for each neighboring region. After the flight is researched, the region produces tourism equal to its cultural output. It does not require population and is built cheaper than the Encampment area it replaces. This package also includes Kublai Khan as an alternative leader for China and Mongolia. Let’s talk about its features as well.

Kublai Khan’s unique ability, Gerege, provides an extra area of ​​economic policy in any government. It also provides a random Eureka and inspiration when setting up a trade center for the first time in the city of another civilization; As a leader of China, Kublai Khan’s scientific support is even stronger and the extra policy area strengthens economic strategies. Kublai Khan, the leader of Mongolia, takes advantage of trade routes for military power. The Vietnam and Kublai Khan package also introduces content for the new game mode, Monopolies and Corporation. This optional game mode elevates strategic economic gameplay to a whole new level and offers attractive new rewards on the basis of claiming, acquiring and using map resources in each era.

Build an industry around recurring luxury resources to give boosts to host cities and provide bonus huge merchant points; Transform industries into companies that can be given customized names, increase industry influence, and create products. Products can be sent to other cities to share industry influences throughout a civilization; A monopoly is created when a civilization dominates the global supply of a luxury resource. Monopolies provide additional tourism and can significantly increase the gold produced each time, especially for civilizations that focus on global trade.

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