It’s been a pretty big day for Marvel’s Avengers; On March 18, 2021, a new generation version of this game was released , a new story section was released with a new hero, plans for 2021 were announced, and the first expansion pack of the game was officially announced. As you can imagine, this expansion will bring the Black Panther hero to the game and will be called War for Wakanda. However, we would like to address other issues before coming to the expansion package. First of all, let’s start our article by talking about the new generation version of the game and its new character.

Marvel’s Avengers meets Hawkeye

Operation: Future Imperfect for Marvel’s Avengers was released the other day. With this operation, Hawkeye hero and a small story content of that hero were added to the game. In addition, a new region named Wasteland and a new enemy named Cargo Runner Synthoid have been added to the game. Meanwhile, our new villain, who will appear in the story, will be Maestro. If you want to browse old content before new content, the Campaign Replay feature, which allows you to restart the main story of the game, will be waiting for you in the new version of this game . HARM Rooms has also seen updates and plenty of customization options have been added.

The update to Marvel’s Avengers game on March 18, 2021, and Ms. It offered a very nice set of clothes for Marvel free of charge to the players. The name of this set is Night Galaxy and you can get it free of charge from the game’s micropayment store. You can then log in to the game ; New features are waiting for you on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. In this new generation version, there is a special support for DualSense, the resolution is 4K, and the performance is 60 FPS. On top of that, the visuals, effects and some physics-based features of the game are also improved.

Now it’s Black Panther

Square Enix also talked about the future of Marvel’s Avengers game. For example, we learned that a new Villain Sector mission will be added to the game in the coming months and we will fight Monica there. Apart from that, the future of new mission types and events has also been announced. Finally, War for Wakanda, the game’s first expansion pack, was announced. With War for Wakanda, Black Panther, new outfits, raising power level, Klaw and new enemies, a new story, a new map region and a new Outpost will be added to the game . Of course, these are just things that will come with War for Wakanda; we also have standard updates.

According to the continuation of the statements, Marvel’s Avengers will continue to be updated throughout 2021. In addition to new content, this game will come with new missions at Omega level, multiplayer Megahive missions, progression systems unlocked after level 50, outfits inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and much more. Meanwhile, the developer team will continue to continually bring balance updates to the game, new fixes to improve the player matchmaking system, and more . So what about Spider-Man, which was announced before the game came out?

According to the statements made by the developer team, Spider-Man or Spider-Man with its Turkish name is planned for the aftermath of the Black Panther character. So, this popular hero may actually be postponed even to 2022 . Normally, the 1-year delay for Spider-Man, which was announced for the first quarter of 2021, seems like a really long time. The players, on the other hand, continue to wait for this hero with curiosity. If you don’t know, we would like to say that Spider-Man would be the first protagonist of this game, exclusive to PlayStation versions. Now, it is not even clear when he will be released.

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