He was buried under the ground with some of his plays that made a tremendous impact, so to speak. This is a well-known fact. However, there is also a fact that Ubisoft has tried different mechanics in each new Assasin’s Creed game and made every player aware of the Assasin’s Creed series. If you remember, the series went through a radical change with Origins. This production, which includes RPG elements rather than linear gameplay, has managed to raise the bar a little more with Odyssey by adding new mechanics on the same logic. Now, Valhalla, a brand new Assasins Creed game, appears two years after Odyssey. The main reason why it will make a bigger sound than the other two games is that it is a game that will also come to new consoles. Let’s take a look at what changes have come to the game, how much has changed Valhalla, the 22nd game of Assasin’s Creed series:

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla review

We enter the game by choosing our difficulty level. There are two different difficulty parts, one is Exploration Difficulty, that is, the difficulty of not finding the surrounding items, the important areas on the maps, and the other is the general difficulty level in the game. After choosing them, we start the game as the little Eivor.

Introduction and Story

We are taking control of the Eivor in the middle of a small festival. In the game, Varin, our father, asks us if we have bought the ring. We say okay and go to the person we need to give the ring, little by little. But as usual, things don’t go as desired. We are being harassed by Kjotve’s clan. Of course, nobody’s hand collects pears. Armed with his sword, he goes out to fight. We follow them with our child mind. The scenery we see outside is not a good omen. Our father will understand that things will get messy, that he is willing to hand over Kjotve his head on the condition that he does not kill his men. But after our father surrenders his head, contrary to what was expected, Kjotve does not keep his promise and orders his soldiers “who is there who is not, kill them all”.

While we’re about to boil in, Sigurd pulls us in at the last moment and we try to escape with the horse. I say we are working because we are falling off a cliff onto a floe of ice because of an ax hitting the horse. While we are surrounded by wolves and they will take a bite from us, the crows with a scream come to the scene and thus we finish the entrance part. After dodging the entrance, we wake up in a boat captive. Here Ubisoft shows us the basic fighting and archery mechanics, little by little. While trying to escape from the boat, we are also struggling with more than one enemy. After traveling like this for a while, we finally arrive in our village. The people in our village are very happy to see us. The blood greed of the people in the village will have grown, so we go to Raid directly within a few missions.

Speaking of Raid, let’s talk briefly for those who don’t know. In short, we can call it a siege mechanic to capture enemy areas. With a shipload of men, we can capture lands dominated by enemies and open fast travel points, as well as collect loot. But in the case of Raid, there is no such thing as I will immediately enter and kill all enemies. You can only capture enemy territory after completing certain missions such as burning the enemies’ supplies. Frankly, I must say that the most helpful event in the Raid part is the Raven mechanic that we control our crow. Because there were times when I had trouble finding the locations of the supplies. Thanks, Synin (Raven) came to my rescue immediately. Another thing caught my eye while using this mechanic; it is also environmental design and graphics. I can definitely say that the environmental design and graphics of the game are really excellent.

Frankly, I didn’t think my computer would uninstall such a nice looking game at first, but Ubisoft managed to mislead me in this regard. I had a very smooth gaming experience at medium-high settings without any problem. The producers have left us with a beautiful open world that absolutely cheers your eyes on. They deserve an extra congratulation on this subject. Well, if you say that these graphics have no drawbacks, my answer to you unfortunately will exist. Because the animations in the game are locked at 30FPS. So even if you play the game at 60 FPS, the waving of the flags is locked to 30 frames. This inevitably bothers you in some way. Likewise, it is possible to see the same problem with the eagles on the top of the mountain you climb to synchronize and learn the map. But since these are minor inconspicuous inconveniences and can be fixed with future updates, I do not think it is a very confusing situation. I would like to share with you the screenshot I have taken for you to see the beautiful landscapes I mentioned, and without further ado, I move on to side missions and activities to do.

Side missions and activities

Although I say that the side missions are repetitive, this is not the case for every mission. There are plenty of unique and fun side quests as well as repetitive side quests. At the same time, let me inform you that I encountered dialogue and some activities during my time in the game. For example, I saw a soldier sleepwalking while I was digging around. I went to him and started talking, although our encounter with him is only left with dialogue, I think it is definitely better than the empty world of these small encounters. I have to say the same about the small mini games we do in-game. I think it’s better than nothing, though not much. The dialogues we enter with the supporting characters are also very satisfactory. The same things apply to the dialogues in the main story, in my eyes, there has not been a production that will be very upsetting.

Talent Tree

Yes, let’s get to the game’s talent tree. Basically, we can improve our skills in three different ways. These are based on assassination, attachment combat, and ranged combat. Each road promises you different improvements. For example, if you want to advance through melee, it provides you with abilities that allow you to use extra features as well as small improvements in attack power, health, stamina. The same goes for the assassination and ranged parts. I have to say that the talent tree is quite large. The improvements you get are also clearly noticeable in the game. In this respect, Ubisoft has done a very successful job.

Although I have played the game a lot, I have been able to improve only a small part of it yet. This means that there are dozens of talents waiting to be unlocked for Eivor. Opening talents does not make you bother for dozens of times. So, I was rewarded with two skill points per mission. I didn’t need to make any extra effort to achieve the skills I wanted. In this respect, it is very nice that he does not bore the players. As we mentioned the talent tree, let’s take a look at the character design and equipment.

Character customization and equipment

The part of the game that was a little dull for me was definitely the customization of Eivor. Unfortunately, there is not much customization opportunity for our character. The simplest; There are 4-5 hair styles in total that we can apply to our character. The rest is just a color change. The same goes for our beards. However, there is a great variety of tattoos. It is quite possible to find tattoos to apply to your character while exploring even when you are out in the open world. I wish the importance given to tattoos was also given to hair and beard, I say to myself. I would like to tell you that our character also resembles Joseph Seed, our minor enemy in Far Cry 5.

In the equipment section, plenty of options await us, as are the other two games in the series, Odyssey and Origins. A wide variety of armor, helmets and weapons are available in the game. It is possible to find them on the map of the game. Although axes come to mind when we talk about Vikings, fortunately Valhalla did not force us to play only with axes. You have the opportunity to use a wider variety of weapons other than axes. If you wish, you can strengthen them in exchange for the gold bars you find in the open world of the game in the blacksmith, and add extra features with runes. Another feature I liked was the ability to use two different weapons at the same time. If you wish, you can take an ax in both hands and enter into enemies with whatever Allah has given, or you can take a shield in one hand and approach the enemies with a little more cautious steps. Ha, none of this suits me, even if you say I like to go silent, you can get the Hidden Blade that we missed after a little progress in the game and hunt your enemies without making a snapping. If you say it will not happen, you can still kill your enemies from a few steps away by using a bow and arrow. However, although hunting enemies with the arrow is an important factor in the game, I should not go without saying that I do not need to use much. Ubisoft has finally realized that Assasin’s Creed is an assassin game and added Hidden Blade back to the game. This seems to make the fans of the series very happy.


Although I thought I would be bored when I sat down at Assasin’s Creed Valhalla, I have to say that my thoughts backfired. Be it storytelling, graphics and environment, it manages to absorb you. Although I encounter minor bugs in the game, I must say that they are not at a level that will disturb me much. The feeling of hitting, boss battles and the main scenes are not overlooked. It was really good news that, days before the end of 2020, Ubisoft released a game that will take us away from our troubles and entertain us a little during the difficult times. I have to say that it is among the best games of this year despite the troublesome production process. At the same time, I thought that Ubisoft is a production that deserves the title of being the most ambitious game released this year. Hoping that minor problems will also be corrected with the updates that will come over time, I hope you will have the good experience I have had, and I wish you good play and healthy days while you go back and forth between Norway and England!

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