Additional content for Hitman 3

Additional content for Hitman 3 – We don’t know if we need to say anymore, but Agent 47’s adventure with Hitman 3 is over for now. The developer team of the game started to focus on the Project 007 side. However, this does not seem to mean that support for the mentioned Hitman game will decrease. So much so that, according to the developer team, new content is on the way for this game. In fact, we know that the game is already a huge success for developers; The game had covered all costs with only pre-orders and 1 week of sales. So we shouldn’t be surprised that additional content is being developed.

How will Hitman 3 game be supported?

According to the statements made by Forest Swartout Large, who is the producer of the developer team of the Hitman series, IO Interactive, the company is divided into two. One team of course works on the Project 007 side. Probably, the team working on that game is quite large and the majority of the effort is currently being given there. The second team is smaller and works on the Hitman series. This team both supports the third game of the series and thinks the series will come. At this point, we learn that that small team is also doing additional content work for Hitman 3.

Forest Swartout Large did not explain much, however, exactly what it meant by the additional content. So, will we see simple contracts like in previous games, will we be adding new maps and levels to the game, or seeing new weapons and equipment? For now, we cannot answer this question yet. Nevertheless, the fact that the game will be supported will surely be good news for the players who play the game. Also, those players can expect support to be similar to the previous game. This is what Forest Swartout Large means, in our opinion. We do not predict that we may see any more or less support given to the previous game.

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